Monday, August 14, 2006

This Was Supposed to be "The Summer of CARLY!"

As my time in Rexburg draws to a close, I can't help but feel wistful that I didn't do more stuff while I was here. Why no stuff, you ask? Well, no stuff because, rather than being "The Summer of Carly," this turned out to be "The Summer of Students Who Lost Their Meds And Therefore Lost It In Class." After wading through all the weird student (and might I add INTERN) issues at school, I was just too tired for stuff. All I wanted to do was go home, walk across the street to Little Caesars for a little "Hot 'n' Ready," go home and flip on the TV. HGTV, take me away...... I honestly feel like I learned more about how to "flip" a house and paint a room than I did about the wonders of the Idaho landscape.

Case in point: we've been here all summer, mere miles away from Yellowstone National Park (which I love visiting) and we have not gone there ONCE. All the planning--the dreaming!--I did in Tucson for the rockin'est "Summer of Carly" went down the drain the moment my students raised their hands and asked "can we get full credit and not do the work?"

Now I don't want to complain too much: I am tickled that I got to see real, natural, running water again. It's a luxury that I almost forgot existed, living in Tucson, where the "rivers" have not held water for decades (but it's "rio" this and "rio" that!). I hope I don't get in trouble with my fellow Tusconans. But really. Why all the water-related names? Who are we trying to fool?

I will be back in Tucson before I know it and the "Summer of Carly" will be over. What will I have to show for it? A great deal of experience dealing with difficult human beings, and a vast knowledge of decorating on a tiny budget ("Design on a Dime," anyone?) I wonder if I will apply that knowledge to decorating my own house, and finally ridding myself of the "Too Close For Comfort-"era wallpaper in my kitchen? Hey, if that's all I have gained from the past four months, it's worth it!

Can you see it? Now, start to hum the "Too Close for Comfort" theme song. Fitting, isn't it? I keep expecting Monroe to come walzing into my living room when I'm home.

It's fabulous! Can you see the Elvis sticker I have on my fridge? I can't wait to go home...

(Note to my friends in Rexburg: I have gained a lot from my association with you. I just don't like to wax cheesy on my blog. It's not good for my street cred. You understand.)

(Note to my readers: the funnest part about writing this blog was typing "Monroe on 'Too Close for Comfort'" into google images, and realizing that this is not the first time I have tried to find a photo of Jim J. Bullock.)


  1. Little Caesars was your "block of cheese."

    I think you need to do an "Autumn of Carly." Fall is better than summer, anyway. Way better.

  2. Ah, sweet, naive Neil. If only autumn EXISTED in Tucson!

  3. That's the thing--fall in Tucson can be your summer of Carly.

  4. Either that or winter in Tucson can be you summer of Carly...or whatever. I'm a little confused now.

    Anyway, I miss you and hope to see you in Tucson soon. Sorry I didn't take you to go see Ol' Faithful.

  5. Dear Michael,
    I miss you, too. It blows being apart for so long.

  6. I would love to have invested some time this summer in amassing decorating ideas. My Willowbrook-esque ivy kitchen wall paper definitely needs to go.

    Also, I agree with Neil, make it the "Fall of Carly"...of course, that sounds also like you got into some trouble. Makes you sound risky.