Tuesday, July 18, 2006


That's the name of the bookstore I intend to open up in Rexburg someday. I even have the most perfect location imaginable: a space that's right downtown, across from the craft store. It's really old, with tiles on the facade, and a huge, Willy Wonka-esque wooden front door. My store logo will have a really cool picture of Gutenberg on it, and will look something like this:


Only of course the name will be larger and centered.

It will look really really cool printed on a canvas bag. Did I mention how really, really, really cool this bookstore will be? Some of the things I will do in my bookstore are:
1. Have a children's story hour that is cooler than the library's
2. Sell hot chocolate and pastries and even let Holden fulfill his dream of having a "chocolate milk stand."
3. Have a really awesome kids book area that surpasses Barnes and Noble in coolness and funness.
4. Hold monthly book club meetings and serve refreshments inspired by Martha Stewart.
5. Have a used books section in the basement.
6. Do open mic poetry night weekly
7. Get live bands to perform every month
8. Start clubs: writers' clubs, sci-fi clubs (for the nerds), American poets clubs, kids clubs, etc.

The list goes on. I am stoked, I tell you, STOKED! Now....if only I knew HOW to open a bookstore. If only we weren't heading back to the desolate wasteland in a month...people who open bookstores generally tend to be IN the book business.... Any advice?


  1. You don't think about it - you just do it. Start with the used book area because you can get those a lot of places and then as you start your clubs you get books related to that genre so that your club members have a place to get their books. I think it would be cool. But I thought you meant Steve Guttenburg at first.

  2. Being a nerd, I for one would totally commute to Rexburg for the sci-fi club.

  3. I actually should have explained that by "Gutenberg" I mean Johannes, not Cocoon star, Steve. Thanks for clarifying. a. nonny mouse: I'll put you on my mailing list as soon as I have a sci-fi club!

  4. Rexburg seems like the perfect place to do this! 1. There's no local competition in the secular book market. 2. People are less likely to drive to IF to B and N with gas prices so high. 3. Students will at least come in for the hot chocolate even if they don't read. Love the name. You just need someone in the VC business to get the idea rolling.

  5. Scott,
    What is the VC business?

  6. sorry to just intrude onto your blog, but i recently started readiing it and it entertains me.

    as a student at BYU-Idaho, i would love a place like that. there really isn't much to do here and a sweet Gutenberg's bookstore would be a fun place to go.

  7. Can I be a reader at Gutenberg's? I'm really good at reading aloud. Especially if it's The Godfather.

  8. I would be willing to DONATE a book to you so you can get up and running right away! Would you prefer a 1976 Boy Scout Handbook or Annual World's Best SF 1981? Let me know, I am excited to become a 'venture capitalist'!

  9. I could head up the knitting group...but wait the commute would kill me!! I say go for it, baby. Cami

  10. I love this idea! I remember wanting to get one of those microscopic store spaces in Provo around center and university to make some sort of store. Okay, I was 10, so I was thinkin' Hello Kitty. But your idea is so cool and way, way more exciting than a Hello Kitty store. Love it.

    You should start it. Come on, when it comes to starting a business, what's to know?

  11. What a really nifty idea. Love the name, love the concept. Makes me want to come hang out in the chibs section, even though my youngest is soon to be 15. I know I can stop by with the grandchibs, not that this is an announcement or anything. Just a dream....
    Go for it.

  12. I think it is a great idea too, but you would be too far away from Michael :)

  13. Fantastic idea. Don't worry 'bout logistics, just follow your dream. I think a bookstore would go over really well in Rexburg, especially if it had lots of big comfy chairs.