Sunday, September 24, 2006

28: Pros and Cons

I turned 28 on September 15th. Now, I am not one of those people who thinks that 28 is old, or that 30 is old. 30 is the new 20, which means 28 is the new 18. And at this rate, by the time I'm 90, I will really only be the "new" 70. So don't think that this is one of those stereotypical "I'm getting old" type posts, because it's not. Don't write comments saying "you think YOU'RE old, try turning 35!" etc. I just thought I'd objectively list some pros and cons about turning 28.

Pro: after battling with troubled skin since the age of 12, I can finally focus on a new skin problem and buy products that include the words "anti-aging" in the title.

Con: unfortunately, those products ALSO include the words "anti-acne."

Pro: maturity and life experience have made me wise and less willing to pout and get upset over small things.

Con: even if I wanted to pout, I don't have the energy to do it.

Pro: it's not such a bad gig being the mother of two cute kids who are funny and cool

Con: realizing that I still have some good child bearing years left and that means pressure to procreate some more

Other Con: having a four-year-old who is savvy enough to say "Mom, why don't YOU try Proactive?" when he sees commercials for it on TV (and then he checks up on me: "have you been using your Proactive, Mom?". . . at the grocery store, in a loud voice, in front of lots of people).

Pro: I've got ten years between me and high school, and hopefully most people will have forgotten not only who I am, but my penchant for wearing ugly faux leather, seventies-style jackets from D.I.

Con: I probably won't get invited to my 10 year reunion, since I wasn't invited to my 5 year reunion, either.

Pro: I'm finished with school and can focus on fulfilling my dreams of being a bon bon-eating stay at home mom

Con: me no thinky so good no more.

Pro: my husband is thoughtful enough to get a babysitter and take me out for a romantic dinner on my birthday

Con: I had to cut the evening short, since I spent most of it complaining about indigestion and my bad back, as well as discussing my fear of "those wild teenagers that are everywhere."

Pro: I can rise above fashion trends and focus on collecting classic, high quality pieces for my wardrobe

Con: I still feel drawn to the "junior" section of all stores, and feel an acute sense of not belonging in such places as Hot Topic (even though I would love to buy their Led Zeppelin t-shirt and wear it with pride).

So that's about all I can come up with now. Remember, me no thinky so good no more. I'll tell you when I can think of some more pros and cons.


  1. You think 28 is old, wait till your 29!

    I'm not suppose to say that...huh?

  2. About the "Proactive" comment in the grocery store, when my daughter was 2 she became frustrated with me in church one Christmas Eve. The place was packed. She waited for a quiet moment and then screamed at the top of her gullet, "I hope you go back to jail!" Now I have never so much as set foot inside a police station, but the other folks in church that night didn't know that :o)

    To Love, Honor and Dismay

  3. Hoss, I'll return that faux leather, 70's style jacket I got your for your birthday immediately and pick you up some skinny jeans with leg zippers at the Gap.

    28 IS the new 18. I think mostly because 18 is the new 8. What IS the deal with all these wild teenagers running around everywhere? And more importantly, what is the deal with Gnarls Barkley? (just trying to get it out there for you.) HB, Mona Lisa.

  4. I believe Andrew's experience wins the award for most embarrassing. And could somebody PLEASE explain Gnarls Barkley to me?????

  5. Since 28 is the new 18, did the cops show up at your door and ask you to turn down that wild, loud, objectionable music and round up your party buds back inside the house, cause the neighborhood peeps were complaining?

  6. Happy Birthday Carly--and Happy Birthday to Hazel too! I haven't been on blogs in a long time. -Scott

  7. Found your blog by accident, but I loved this post...I can totally relate! I turn 29 on Monday, married, Mormon, and I look around and think 'I'm a responsible, grown-up woman...who would love to be able to wear my sister's vintage wash Grover t-shirt.' It's a difficult phase.