Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Birthday, Hazel

Dear Hazel,
Happy birthday. I can't believe that in one year you've gone from this:

To this:

I also can't believe that I found this at the craft store:

Which confirmed my fears (and probably justifies my grandmother-in-law's refusal to call you by your real name) that your name connotes crotchety, hook-nosed witches.

I'm grateful for your stellar example, and your activism:

There are fewer wildfires because of your efforts. Thanks for being funny, and for not walking yet. Thanks for waiting until now to get all your teeth at once. Thanks for saying "who's that?" when you point to a photo of me, and for being an excellent shopping partner-in-training.

You are a great friend to Holden:



  1. Thanks for the birthday update! She is adorable, also, I can't believe what a big boy Holden is. By the way, don't feel pressured to populate the earth, but if you do, will all of your children's names start with H's? I know a few families like that.

  2. A year? Has it been a year already? I can hardly believe it. Your Hazel is a cutey and that Holden, he's a big boy. Don't worry about the "mom recognition" thing, when it comes time for money or favors, they'll always know who to turn to.
    HB Hazel.
    Good luck mom.

  3. Well, Julie, it's funny you should ask that question because it has been on my mind a lot lately. I am always obsessing over baby names. Frankly I have always thought it was a little cheesy when people name their kids using the same first letter for each one (worse, however, are theme names. Like "Cinnamon," "Pepper," and "Nutmeg"). The fact that Holden and Hazel both start with "H" never even crossed my mind until we got home from the hospital. But Maybe I'll take the plunge, anyway. Our next girl could be Helen. Our next boy could be Henry. ???

    Skewedview: thanks for the birthday wishes and reassurance. I understand you had a birhtday recently, as well? Happy late birthday, SV!

  4. She's a doll, Carly. Are you back in the great state of AZ? Can we still meet at Ikea, even though you deserted me in the world of blogs? "Cause I think we should.

  5. I meant that in the nicest way possible, of course.

  6. Happy Birthday, Hazel! Today I asked Josh who his friends are and he said, "William and Tazer." I asked him who Tazer is and he said, "Holden's Tazer."

    So, according to Josh you aren't really going for an H theme anyway.

    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  7. Oh, Emily. I'm sorry I've abandoned you. I didn't mean to. I would still like to meet at Ikea, if you will still have me.

  8. Seriously, she is beautiful. And I never think of a witch when I hear the name Hazel. I used to think of a cleaning lady (sorry) but now I just think of your cute girl.

    Congratulations to Hazel! (Oh yeah, and to you guys for taking care of her and stuff.)

    (I actually love the name Henry, were you joking? Or do you really like it?)

  9. I really like the name Henry for rillz.

  10. Henry is the name of the boy in our nursery at church who eats raisins out of the trash, just an fyi.

    I love hazel's cute pink shirt. She is seriously SO precious. I need to see her ASAP.