Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 19: A Rip-roarin' Trip to KFC!

After spending the morning playing with Jenga blocks and putting together the same puzzle over and over again,

the kids and I headed out for a grand adventure. We headed to KFC for lunch. If you are picturing a Taiwan KFC to be no different from an American KFC, you are sorely mistaken. At the Taiwan KFC the extra crispy chicken (which is normally my favorite) is extremely spicy. It does no good to order the EC. So, you go for Plan B, original recipe. But the original Taiwan recipe calls for like three extra layers of fat and skin on the chicken and it is inedible. Plus, the Taiwanese have this love affair with dark meat that I will never understand, the point being that you can't order like a breast and a wing meal. It's all about the wings and drumsticks for these people. HIGHLY disappointing. To add insult to injury, every single time we have gone to KFC, they have also been mysteriously out of biscuits. And I haven't even TOUCHED the area of fries and the types of things they give you to dip them in! The fries come with something that looks like liquid cheese and some rice puff thingies. Presumably, you dip the fries in the cheese, then roll them in the rice puffs. Sick. Why do we go, you ask? Well, we go for the single item on the menu that is not too spicy or repulsive: the popcorn chicken. Plus, we had to go on day 19, otherwise I would have gone mad sitting in our tiny apartment watching the rain pouring down on the jungle, and yelling things like "get off of him/her!" "stop hitting the wall!" and "princesses don't hit!" every 3-5 minutes--incidentally, sometimes the princess thing works on Hazel, and sometimes it doesn't. For example, it NEVER works when it's time to wash her hair or when she is having too good a time beating on her big brother.
Oh, the little DARLINGS!

So, at least we got out of the house. One thing that makes me proud of Holden is that he is willing to talk to people here. I totally make him get extra napkins and ketchup, etc., when we go to McDonalds or KFC. He THRIVES on it, and I get to avoid embarrassing myself by trying to speak Chinese. Holden has no fear, and says the Chinese words however he wants to. Here is a result of his bravery:

Extra napkins! Which is a great feat, since they don't keep napkins out for people to just use at will. You get maybe one napkin with your meal, and then you're on your own.

After KFC we went back home and read some more Harry Potter. We are certainly living the high life here in Taiwan!


  1. I was just going to post something about siblings beating up on each other and do all siblings do this? Then I remembered when you were little and asked Dave if he beat up on his brothers (which got one of those duh looks) and realized that yes, all siblings do this.

    I love popcorn chicken, but I haven't had it for about 5 years. Why is that?

    P.S. They are opening a chick-fil-a about 5 minutes from us.

  2. How does my blog mock your blog?

  3. How did you learn all that about KFC? I hope you didn't have to learn by trial and error! Please tell me someone gave you the 411 on the extra crispy and original recipe before you actually tried it!

  4. There are few things I hate more than being in a foreign land and having a craving for American food. And to satisfy such craving you go to an American restuarant to find that it really isn't all "that" American. It's a HUGE let down, and in my book intensifies the homesickness. Only 17 more days!!!

  5. And to think you are having number 3! The fun is just starting. I love your countdown blogs and the pictures. I know what you mean about graving American food. Just think no fast food in Madagascar - not even McDonalds, only place in the world and for a year and one half. HELP