Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 7: Let the Great Packing Experiment Begin!

We are experimenting with our packing this time around. Instead of waiting till the last minute, which is what we usually do when packing for a trip, we are going to try and do a little at a time. Today I packed two whole suitcases! Then I was so overcome with the awesomeness of it all that I packed up the kids and headed to Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is actually pretty good in the Asian countries. Perhaps desperation makes it so?

Hazel has become convinced of the fact that a blue monkey with pink eyes lives in my closet. Frequently throughout the day she insists that we go "see monkey." Then she lies on my bed and talks about the monkey, and sometimes acts really, really scared of the monkey so that I have to pretend to catch the monkey and throw it out the window into the jungle. But then she always thinks twice about doing that and makes me get monkey and bring him back inside. This went on for a while, and then Hazel switched to wanting a "chockie milk shake." During all of this, Holden put our stroller through a series of rigorous tests to determine if it was worthy of becoming a luggage carrier in the airport. One of the tests involved him jumping up and down really hard on the seat of the stroller. He also did a speed test with two speeds: fast and slow. So far, the stroller is on the fast track to success. Holden also helped me with the laundry. Sometimes I have him hang up wet clothes to dry, or take down dry clothes to be jammed into our closet next to the invisible monkey. It can get a little hairy reaching into the washing machine to get the wet clothes out...

"Ho, come back, Ho!"

But Holden is usually up to the task.

When Mike came home from school, we went to the Cola Laundry System laundromat to dry our whites (ran out of room for hanging them). I once thought that the Cola Laundry System was something fancy that may or may not involve seltzer water or even coca cola, but really it is just a plain old laundromat.
Do you like "Flock of Seagulls"? because apparently I look like I do in this picture. I am hoping this weird asymmetrical hairdo is a result of the wind. Less than one week to go now. Hazel plans on getting her own bike when we return to "ootah" and Holden is going to eat venison stew (????) for his first meal when we get home. I just plan on getting a haircut ASAP.

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  1. ok that blue monkey with the pink eyes is scaring ME and I'm really far away from your closet right now. I hope you do throw it far far away in the jungle.
    A haircut is on my to do list too--it just keeps getting worse and worse the longer I put it off.
    Oh and Holden hanging out of the washer is hilarious! What a man!