Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 8: Hazel says Robert Downey Jr. is "Yucky."

One of the great things about Taiwan is the wildlife you can see RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR! Look what I saw when I opened our apartment door and walked to the elevator!

This spider was the size of a silver dollar.

We also saw this gecko hanging out on the wall outside our front door. It REALLY scared Hazel, who went running into her dad's arms screaming when it scurried toward her. I think her career as a herpetologist may not work out after all.

Speaking of Hazel, Day 8 began with her following me as I waddled into the bathroom, (this is routine procedure. She comes into my bedroom in the morning, says "Need eat, Mommy," then I waddle into the bathroom, and then waddle into the kitchen and get her some cereal). Anywho, we were looking at People Magazine, and came across a picture of Robert Downey Jr.

"That guy's yucky," Hazel said sleepily. She is a good judge of character, I think. Maybe something about RD Jr's sliminess reminded her of the freaky gecko scurrying toward her in the hall outside our apartment. I fear she may be scarred for life.

After we ate our cereal, we made the long trek to church and watched a session of General Conference. Holden thought President Monson's closing remarks were pretty hilarious, especially the parts about not being allowed to touch the microwave, or the stove, etc. We made a scene with craisins and loud saltine crackers in the back row. Hazel felt like she was going to fall off the Koala Bear Care diaper changing station in the women's bathroom. I think she may have vertigo or something, because she always thinks she is falling off of perfectly stable things (and by the way, we are GOING to work on potty training and taking the pacifier away when we leave Taiwan. I think we've put the girl through ENOUGH in the past four months!) After our shananigans at church, we made the long trek home, where we followed our Sunday tradition of eating breakfast for dinner. In the evening we went for a walk and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

We think the kids are finally on the mend, so there's no excuse for boring days this week.

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  1. wow, super scary spider! Those really give me the creeps. We get some pretty huge ones out here in missouri, but not quite that huge!
    I do wish we could get our kids together sometime. Maybe in the not too distant future...who knows...