Friday, September 5, 2008

Should I.......

Mike and Holden are camping at the sand dunes (yes, we have fully embraced the strong red neck culture that lurks just below the subtle sophistication of Rexburgians). Hazel is asleep after a late night partying with her pal, Madeline (I'm really getting good at French from listening to Miss Clavel.) Ruby is asleep, too, which is rare (why are we wasting so much time on lactation consultants--read"vigilantes"--when the real money and usefulness would be in SLEEP consultants. I need someone to come to my house and tell me what I am doing wrong/should be doing in order to get my baby to sleep. Somebody start a business). The night is young. So, what should I do?

A) Finish the laundry and do the dishes

B) Open up a pint o' cookie dough ice cream and watch movies

C) Attempt eating a pint o' cookie dough ice cream while taking a luxurious bubble bath in my cast iron claw foot tub

D) Hang up some pictures and a Victorian hat rack, then agonize over whether I should hang hats from the rack, or of this will make me seem like an old woman.

E) Scour the internet searching for non-old woman vintage hats.

F) Scour the house to find the cord that connects our camera to our 'puter so I can post our recent pictures of enormous Ruby and make smart remarks, like "do they make mu mus for 2 month olds?"

G) Google 'mu mu' to figure out how to spell it

H) Scour the internet for the Simpsons episode where Homer gains all that weight so he can go on disability and stop working, and sit at home wearing a mu mu

I) Finish those 500 receiving blankets I am sewing for orphans in South America

As you can see, I lead a rich and varied life.


  1. Maybe you should scour the internet for a beaker bird that pecks computer keys--a Victorian one.

  2. you could get started on your birthday wish list post while eating ice cream from the bath.

  3. I heard on NPR that they really do have those sleep consultant people, but as you have so accurately pointed out not here in the little hamlet of Rexburg. How did you resist the little camping excursion yourself?