Thursday, August 28, 2008

This May Shock You: Part Two

1. To all you first-time or almost moms out there: motherhood is 5% love, 5% patience, and 90% poo-poo and pee-pee clean-up. That's what they DON'T tell you from the pulpit.

2. I have consumed an entire 1 pound box of Hostess mini crunch donuts over the course of 24 hours--well I had to do SOMETHING to offset the salads.

3. Ruby--aka Ruby Jane, RJ, Professor R.J. Lupin, Rubeus Hagrid, or RuPaul--is in the 100th percentile for weight. At 2 months and one week, she weighs 14 lbs 11 oz. She's a full-figured gal!

4. I know I'm not supposed to like Bill Clinton what with his infidelity and all. He is a bit of a sleaze ball. But I can't deny that I liked his speech at the Democratic Convention (hey, I said this post would shock you).

5. I am considering borrowing a ladder and some buckets, picking several pounds of apples, bringing them home, peeling and coring them, turning them into applesauce, then canning them and "putting them up" for the season. Since most of my canning takes place at Albertsons, this may be the biggest shock of all.


  1. I'm shocked!

    Except he is actually a really great speaker so it's understandable.

    Did you really eat salads?

  2. Bill Clinton is a really great politician. And, in my opinion, he was a really great leader (I'm comparing with the presidents before and after him--so, granted the competition is slim). People can be bad at sexual morality, but good at public policy.

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  4. You and Sharon Law! You should put up some apples. I like homemade applesauce. More than that, I like Bill Clinton. Don't feel bad. It's natural.

  5. I'm starting to believe #1. Yesterday Peter tee-teed on his own head.

  6. Eewww. Bill Clinton. Really? So what do you think of McCain's VP choice? That had a very Clinton-esque smoothness about it.

    I've been known to eat a box of munchkins by myself. Not one of my finer moments but very necessary for overcoming potty training. By the way, Adam didn't weigh 14 lbs until he was 13 months old. It could be worse. Go Ruby!

  7. We have two extra apple peeler/corers. Eric thinks there may be a shortage of them when the crisis comes. If you would like one, email me and I'll mail one to you. With school and all, I don't know if I'll get to applesauce. I hope I can though. It's our favorite.
    Yuk on liking Bill Clinton. Too slippery for my liking. He is very charming on the screen. Kind of like a really good salesman(which I loathe).
    Go Ruby! My full figured baby girl will be home in 2 weeks! Yeah!

  8. Hey,I only said I liked HIS SPEECH.

  9. Magnus is 7 months and only weighs 15.5 lbs.... Maybe you should post your daily eating schedule so that Renee can get an idea of what she should be eating.

  10. Sure, Ivan. My daily eating schedule is as follows:
    I start the day with a nice Hostess chocodile or two. If chocodiles are in short supply, I eat a ding dong. I wash down my Hostess product with a half gallon of heavy whipping cream. Then I eat a pound of bacon. And that's just breakfast. Stay tuned for lunch and dinner....