Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 'n' Stuff

I think I may have had the best Thanksgiving EVER. And it was all due to Rock Band. Lemme tell ya, there is nothing quite so sweet as hearing your husband sing along to "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys. It's also extremely gratifying to put a microphone in your cleavage and sing while simultaneously playing bass guitar to "Roxanne" and "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" (I think that's what Sting would do if he were a woman). And then there's the feeling of togetherness that only comes when the entire family is playing along to the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" and your niece spontaneously breaks out a triangle and starts banging away. This year, as we all gathered around the Nintendo Wii, I really felt grateful for the people who conceived of Rock Band, the awesomest game of all time, dude. The awesomest.


  1. I too am grateful for Rock Band. I'm grateful for the bass. I'm grateful for the guitar and the microphone. I am also grateful for the drums. I love Rock Band. I love my family playing Rock Band.

  2. I may have had the best Thanksgiving ever, too. I had my very own chocolate pie.

  3. I will pass on your thanks to my neighbor. He works for Rock Band. They are pretty cool people, long hair and all. I'll have to ask them what songs they sang on Thanksgiving. I like your picks.
    Good Times!

    I wish I could say that braving the crowds in NYC was as much fun. Not so much.