Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sometimes I Sew

I took Katy's sewing challenge for the month of September. Too bad I had already sewn curtains and pillows in AUGUST. Oh well. Katy is a true artist and she makes wonderful beautiful things and she sells them on so be sure to click on her etsy shop link when you see her blog. Anywho, sometimes I sew, but when I do, I tend to look like this:

How many bloomin' chins can one girl have?

Here I am thinking,"why didn't I buy matching thread for my bias tape?"

This is the finished project:

An apron for Hazel to wear. Thank heavens the pictures are blurry. Please don't click on them to make them bigger, either. And please don't wonder whether there were supposed to be such fancy embellishments as "pockets." There weren't. Nope. No pockets on this pattern. More sewing to come!


  1. Hooray, Carly!!! I can tell she loves it already and will certainly be as cute as a souffle, helping her mother in the kitchen. I look forward to the more to come.

  2. I like to sew too. I sew badly. I don't like that part of it. But what am I going to do?

  3. matching thread is over rated, everything looks better with contrast.

  4. I think it's wonderful. Way to take the challenge.

  5. Carly - I am actually honored that you read my blog, as I have actually blog-stalked you (un-creepily) before, as well. Your blog always cracks me up. Also, I wish I liked sewing so I could be a domestic goddess, but... not so much. Super cute apron, though!

  6. Nat Cat,
    I am honored that YOU read MY blog. I knew we were soul mates when I saw that post where you thought you looked like Jack Nicholson (you didn't). It reminded me of the time I looked like Nick Nolte (shudder).