Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Going to Rome

So, lately Mike has been trying to finish his dissertation, which apparently has to involve my editing skilz--curse you, editing skilz! Look, if Mike is going to be gone every night and weekend finishing his dissertation for a year and a half, I at least want to be able to watch netflixed Office, Extras, Flight of the Conchords, and 30 Rock episodes while lying in bed eating candybars! But those days are over. Now I have to HELP him. Ugh. So I've been busy with that lately. And in case any of you are prayin' folk, please pray for Mike on October 23, around 1pm. That's his defense date. No pressure or anything, but you know, a shout out on our behalf would be nice.

Anywho, so I also turned 31, which was good. I have no problem with aging. In fact, I welcome it. When you are in your thirties, it matters less whether you are cute and thin. People's expectations of you plummet, and that is a nice feeling. I can wear black sweatpants and no makeup and people just look at me and think "how brave of her to even leave the house AT ALL!" It's very freeing!

I've also started teaching my online class. I thought that this class would be a perfect fit for my already jet-set online schedule. But I am realizing that when a class is online, it's hard to set a limit on the amount of time you spend freaking out over student emails and podcasts. Don't get me wrong, I love making podcasts (I've been using the Rushmore soundtrack as background music), but it just never seems to end! At least when I teach in the classroom, I can go a day or two without obsessively checking my email. We'll see how this semester shakes out.

Furthermore, Mike is sending me to ROME. I am so excited I don't know what to do with myself. Unfortunately, I will be gone for Halloween and you never know what may happen when Mike is in charge of Halloween (trick-or-treating to five houses only!) But it's a sacrifice I am willing to make so I can finally see Italy after all those years of studying Italian and buying a special "Italy Dress" and "Italy Passport Case" and then only ever getting to go to China and Taiwan. It will be nice to be in a country that believes in the power of the pastry, and that does not subscribe to the red-beans-as-dessert philosophy.

I would post my last newspaper article, but it may be offensive to some of my readers. So I will post my newest one next week, after it comes out in the paper. Intriguing, eh?

Dat all. Peace out.


  1. Maybe you should take Le Notizie with you and jumpstart our Italian newscaster careers, per favore.

  2. The year Eric took the little kids trick-or-treating and I stayed home to answer the door, he took them to a ton of houses. I stopped him when they came home to empty their buckets and go forth again! I had to remind him that they were only 2 and 3. Guys!

  3. So jealous!! Rome.. Please pack me in your suitcase, or at least return promptly and blog about it extensively since I'm sure I won't fit in any size of suitcase. Have fun!!

  4. Please post the offensive article. I can take it.

    Careful with doing as the Romans do.

  5. ROME?! Man! Who is going with you - since it's not Mike? And all our best for the dissertation. I hope you can come see us. We'd love it! Congrats in advance. Mike will do great!

  6. So glad you are getting to go to Rome instead of China AGAIN.

  7. Rome- how exciting!
    Best wishes on the editing process. We know Michael will do well on Oct 23.
    I was so thankful you posted the schedule for It Might Get Loud! It is coming to Arcata Oct. 2! I am soooo there and will think of you. Hope you have had a chance to see it.
    Give the little ones a hug from us.Cherie

  8. Oh, Mar. I own all three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD, and have the entire thing memorized! Now I KNOW we are kindred spirits!

    I am so glad you are going to see the movie. It's not coming to Rexburg (shock!) but I have it in my Netflix queue!

    Why don't you come to Rome with me? And we will CERTAINLY come and see you when we come to Tucson.

  9. It sounds like you ahve tons going on.

    Rome is wonderful. You will have a magnificent time. There is so much to see--I long to return.

    Also, relating to the looms we discussed before--I bought a set of round ones and have made two hats--but one seems too big, and one too small. There is no loom size in between. Do you have any idea how to make an inbetween size?

  10. Sparklebot,
    I'd love an email with your top ten or five favorite things about Rome, so I can plan accordingly. Also, about the looms, I don't know what to tell you! I had to experiment with the sizes to figure out what worked. But my loom set had four looms, so there was an in between size. I wish I could give you some good advice for making them smaller. I found that not making a brim helped me control the way they fit on my head a little better? Maybe Internet can help?

  11. Hey Carly--I don't know if you remember us, but we were in Rexburg years ago when Mike started teaching Mandarin. I'm usually just a blog-stalker, but I noticed that you have a live-feed thingy, so I figured I might as well say hi! Love your blog, and your family is beautiful. Hope ya'll are doing well!

    Jenn McGregor

  12. Don't forget your lovely trip to London. I'm excited for you to see Rome. Haven't been but I know they have good food and lots of historical stuff to see. You'll have a good time, I'm sure.