Saturday, May 15, 2010

What I Love (not an exhaustive list)

I love Cesar Milan.
I love rock stars who happen to also be Mormon (or deeply religious--except for Creed).
I love chocolate but not like those cliche people who wear t shirts about it. My love for chocolate is much deeper than that.
I love summer in Rexburg (when it finally comes around).
I love a man who can be an academic and also be humble and hard-working, and who also knows how to weld, but can also sew, and (if called upon) could twirl a baton.
I love Lost even though sometimes I wish I could just see them all stop running through the jungle, sit down, and eat a sandwich once in awhile.
I love Battlestar Galactica, particularly Admiral Adama, but also Lee, Helo, Sharon, Starbuck, Caprica Six....I love, love, love.
I love awesome shows that transcend genre so you don't have to feel like a sci-fi nerd when you watch them.
I love cute short haircuts (and want one).
I love Coach Taylor, but I admire Tammy Taylor even more.
I love robots that start out hating human beings, but then have a change of heart and start to love human beings.
I love a little boy who helped me cut and haul sod for three hours, and who sometimes likes to breathe tuna fish breath on me just to creep me out.
I love skinny jeans. I never thought I would say it, but I'm a convert.
I love the people in my ward, who are fascinating, kind, hilarious, humble, and good.
I love cooking on a gas stove.
I love giant baking sheets.
I love pizza and gelato in Italy (and elsewhere).
I love a little girl who says "it's really occupied in here" when she gets into bed with us at 6:00 am.
I love another little girl who says "oh, saw-ee" whenever she bumps into me.
I love my chickens, especially Babs, who has gone broody. Poor Babs.
I love mail.
I love packages.
I love Christmas.
I love yellow, blue, green, and red. But also orange and teal, and especially black.
I love the curtains in my bathroom.
I love reading your blogs.
I love people who read my blog.
I love blog comments.
I love blogs that aren't always all about crafts and projects, or the cuteness of children.
I love delicious food.
I love it when people I admire accidentally swear (like with the "D" word, not an F bomb or something).
I love the idea of having a nice garden.
I love Mondays because it's pizza day at school, so I don't have to make a lunch for Holden.
I love post-church gossip with my husband.
I love having a well-behaved, trained dog.*
I love taking my dog on a daily walk.
I love things that look good but didn't cost a lot.
I love cute clothes and shopping.
I love old things.
I love short, sweet blogs full of lots of pictures and very few words.

*Although even a well-behaved, trained dog will still roll in poo and bring it into your home. Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. I, too, share that deep love of chocolate. Yes, too deep for a T-shirt.

    You are right - the people on LOST do not eat nearly often enough. Oh, wait, there was that imaginary peanut butter, right? Must be pretty high in fiber.

    And as soon as I look as good as you, I'll buy myself a pair of skinny jeans and give them a try. :)

  2. What a great list! How can you not love purple too- tee hee =).

  3. I love Carly.
    I also think that Cesar Milan is wonderful and I wish that he could work with my son for a while--forget my dog.

    and I agree with you on way too many other things to even start listing them :)

  4. I wish our pizza day was Mondays instead of Thursdays so I would have a reason to love Monday mornings.

    Great list!

  5. I love what you love except for large baking sheets but only because I don't have a very big one.

  6. I love a world that has so many things in it to love. You are so right about Chocolate. A pat on the back for Holden for hauling sod for his mom. A pat on the head for Leo for being such a good dog. You lucked out there - just remember he is a DOG and they do gross things. How about a blog dedicated to the bathroom make over. Would love to see it.

  7. I love this list.
    Always fun to read about you, Carly.

  8. "I love blogs that aren't always all about crafts and projects, or the cuteness of children."

    thank you.