Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't Judge Me

Would you ever buy something from a door-to-door salesman? Probably not, because you are way more savvy and able to say no than I am. But what if that product came from a place called "Yummy Meats"? What if you needed to buy some chicken but didn't want to go to the store? What if the salesman kept going "shooh, it's HOT out there!" and you sort of felt sorry for him? And what if that chicken was free-range and raised by Mennonites and you had recently watched the movie "Food, Inc." and you were really upset by it? Would that change your mind? Actually, don't answer.

Ruby turned two last week and I can't believe this, but, I didn't have a catered, lady-bug-themed party for her at a hotel. I didn't even bake. I just bought an ice cream cake and a bag of rubber duckies. Does that make me a bad mom? And then yesterday after she cried and screamed at me all day (molars and canines are coming in), I finally yelled "fine, have a stupid popsicle!" I felt really bad afterward, and said I was sorry, but does this make me a bad mother also? Maybe don't answer that one, either.

I'm really sick of blogging. Is it bad to quit altogether? Is it okay to just give in and do a scrapbook/family type blog? Do I need to start posting tutorials? That seems to be the most popular way to blog these days. I'm not sure that I do anything EVER that anyone would EVER want to copy (see above). Wait! Here's a really helpful tutorial:

If you have hard water and it leaves lots of spots on your glassware, put a generous amount of vinegar in your dishwasher along with a good quality dish soap every time you do a load.

Isn't that an awesome tidbit? It's like having a new dishwasher! Maybe I SHOULD keep blogging. Just to be sure I fit in with other blogs that have lots of pictures on them:


  1. where do you put the vinegar? in that other mystery compartment with no door next to the detergent compartment?

  2. This may be a stupid question . . . but won't that make all your dishes smell like vinegar? Because, I think I'd rather have spots.

    It'd really help me if you took pictures and gave really specific step-by-step instructions of the process, along with some before and after pics.

    Also, I decide to stop blogging completely about once a week.

  3. Sparklebot,
    It doesn't make my dishes smell like vinegar, especially because I use those Cascade tabs that smell so good. I'm putting in like 1/4th a cup or less, so it all pretty much washes away and just smells normal. I'm glad to know that you, whom I consider an excellent blogger, sometimes want to quit, too.

  4. I tell Ellen, "Fine have a stupid otter pop" every day.

  5. Otter Pops are harmless! Check the calories, etc. and you will see that they are a cheap, okay healthy, quick fix to many of life's little troubles!
    Also, white vinegar is awesome for many things. It is also great for getting rid of odors in laundry, etc.
    On the birthday thing - I don't think it gets much better than an ice cream cake. You rock as a mom!