Saturday, September 4, 2010

Never Take Me Anywhere

The following is what happens when I try to throw off my natural tendencies to be a grumpy stick-in-the-mud and actually go somewhere and do something fun:

1. I jump into Rigby Lake with my clothes on.
2. My face looks like a melted scoop of neapolitan ice cream after being submerged in the icy lake water in full makeup.
3. I get stranded in my canoe in the middle of the lake and have to be rescued by my friends.
4. I irritate my husband because I take too long to get back to the shore and he is already late for an appointment.
5. I say "of course I know where the car title is!" huffily, only to come home and find it necessary to tear the house apart searching for it, while wearing my soaking wet clothes from the lake.
6. I lock our car and house keys inside the house.
7. Finally able to change into something dry, I head straight to bed to warm up for a while, keeping close tabs on Ruby playing in the tub.
8. I discover Ruby has pooped in the tub.
9. Ruby refuses to put her diaper back on, and I throw up my hands in exasperation, returning to bed to calm down.
10. Ruby goes #1 on the kitchen floor.

And it's only 2:00. I think I shouldn't ever try to be fun again. Hopefully the friends who had to rescue me in the middle of the lake will interpret my antics as "party animalism" and not as "complete ineptitude," which is what they really were.


  1. Good thing I sent you your birthday present. :)

  2. Love your blogging Carly--seriously love it.

  3. I was laughing out loud. (sorry?)
    I sure hope we get to see you guys soon.
    Maybe we could all jump in Bear Lake or something.
    We miss you, Mike and the kids.

  4. I'm convinced to give up fun completely.

  5. I wish I had been there to rescue you...but canoeing seems hard.

  6. can't sleep but glad you had a good time. no day trip anywhere will ever be the same without you. hugs. wait we don't hug. i just put hugs so you didn't interpret my sarcasm as meanness. instead of hugs, friends forever.

  7. Jana,
    I'm so glad to hear from you! We need to get together soon. Perhaps something involving Halloween? I had a dream that I visited you in Logan and you lived in a charming thatched cottage.
    Thanks for reassuring me with your comment. BFF, hugs, XOXO, kisses, love Carly.