Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Deseret Industries,

Please tell the man who accepts donations at your drive through that he doesn't need to turn a simple donation of toys (albeit 4-5 bags full) into a social commentary about excess, hedonism, and greed. No need to say "I can't BELIEVE the amount of toys parents are buying for their kids these days!" or "What I don't understand is, where are people getting the money to buy all this junk?" and "Would you believe that in twenty years as a father I never once brought home a toy for my children?" Comments like these do nothing to inspire more donations (which may be coming soon, since only one room of the house has been cleared of excess toys at this point). Comments like these do not make parents like me feel any worse for being excessive/indulgent/materialistic/bad because parents like me CAN'T FEEL WORSE. We KNOW. Okay? That's why we are turning over a new leaf and bringing in 4-5 bags of toys (some of which were originally purchased at DI). That's why we have a five year old girl in hysterics over a pink and purple carriage that was never played with but that has suddenly become a necessity of life. That's why we have come to you. So please, don't twist the knife.

Also, please limit the number of over-sized wooden beaded bracelets worn by men at your store to ONE.
Yours in excess,


  1. Oh, your blog is so funny! Thanks for the post and the laughs. I feel your pain.

  2. Wow. Sounds like he's a really mean dad.