Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yeah, Yeah His Name is Leo/Give Her Some Chocolate Milk

Holden has been a rather prolific singer/songwriter these past few weeks. He's always coming up with a little ditty. The only thing that never changes is his signature delivery. (Sorry for the poor quality. Our camera is on the fritz).


  1. Wow, his songs and delivery have a real White Stripes meets Led Zeppelin meets the Raconteurs meets Joe Cocker vibe.

    I am glad to know that childhood is still going strong at age almost 9. So darling.

  2. Yeah, yeah, he's an Idaho Idol. Yeah, yeah, an Idaho Idol.
    Yeah, yeah, heee's an Idol!

  3. Has Holden seen The Commitments? Holden is soulful.

  4. Rock on Holden! Love the tunes.
    Love your Aunt Cherie and Uncle Doug

  5. Wow! A star in the making. I think Leo liked the song also as his tail was giving his approval.