Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying No in 2011

Here are my resolutions for 2011:

1. Eliminate unnecessary activities/stresses in my life.

2. Do not participate in too many babysitting trades (worth it for the adorable, mild mannered 2 year old named Rocky; not worth it for three kids who always cry, get stung by bees, and fall down the stairs on my watch. Who needs that kind of hassle?)

3. Create an atmosphere of peace and calm in my home by never taking on extra responsibilities that will make me mad, stressed out, or have to do a craft.

4. Do the minimum requirements (cooking, cleaning, nurturing) really, really well by not doing anything extra.

5. Allow the gospel and my religious beliefs to be enough for my completion and happiness (because they really ARE), rather than seeking for completion and happiness in other sources that will inevitably let me down (number of blog comments).

6. Eat fruit and veg at every meal.

7. Do not keep soda in the house.

I think you may have noticed my theme for 2011: doing less and saying no. It's not that I am a super multi-tasking dynamo or anything, but I saw this National Geographic special on stress and it changed my life. I don't need my chromosomes unraveling. Happy New Year! Here's hoping we all do a lot less next year.


  1. Good plan. I support you and will do it too.

  2. Yes, here's to a new year with a lot less "distractions" in it!!

  3. I can eat fruits and vegetables at every meal and not keep soda in the house. Oh, and number 2 for sure, but I don't do that much anyway! I will support you in this!

  4. Our resolutions have to be realistic or they are very hard to keep for a whole year. Number 7 makes me wonder. Go for it Carly!

  5. Hurray for you learning this now! I didn't make the "say no" resolution until I went back to college in my old age. Then I got it, and I've kept it. It really does make life worth living!

  6. This is a good plan. I'm inspired and want to do it, too. Except I will keep soda in my house. For when Kacy comes over. Just kidding! It's all for me.

  7. Let me be sure and clarify that my "no soda in the house" idea is not the same as no soda ever again. I am just trying to return soda to its original status of "special treat" for my kids rather than having it readily available any time we want it. This will give me some good bargaining/bribing leverage in the future, I hope.

  8. I thought maybe you were talking about baking soda. ;)