Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Really Deep Thoughts

The kids have been back to school since last Wednesday. I have been trying to be a more "nurturing" mother and have been waking up "early" to actually prepare breakfast for them. This is nearly KILLING me. How can I keep this up for 9 months???

How does one become adored? I'd so love to be adored.

Being in the Relief Society presidency has jaded me. I now realize that most women are needy, demanding, and immature (like, they want to be ADORED by everyone).

I had a dream that I had to help someone pick out a shirt so he could go on a date with his "girlfriend." It was really uncomfortable because it was an older man who has been a family friend forever, and whose wife I love.

I really resent having to play pretend with Hazel all the time.

I also really resent half day kindergarten.

Another thing I resent is China.

Does blogging remind anyone else of being in high school? It's starting to feel like high school to me, which is fine, because my first high school experience was wasted on Botany Club.

I felt great freedom by NOT doing the following things this summer: planting a garden, attending the daily free lunch at the park, and waking up before 9.

I don't really care to correct Hazel, Holden, and Ruby when they say "DARK Vader" instead of Darth Vader. It's cute and harmless. I do, however, make sure they realize that Han Solo is way better than Luke Skywalker, Jedi status notwithstanding.

The other day someone said "you always change your house around." And that made me really mad. It's none of your business what I do with my house!


  1. I always change my house around too. WHAT ELSE AM I GOING TO DO?

    Your dream was about Brad Wilcox, wasn't it.

  2. Hahahahaha. How did you know? Seriously!?

  3. yikes! was that me? or shall we leave my inappropriate comments at 'you chopped your hair!' Who needs free lunch at the park? Glad you've joined the club.

  4. Hahaha. No. It wasn't you. But it was someone we both know whose rudeness may be legendary. I'm also just a little bit defensive about how much I really DO change my house.

  5. Divulging mine blog

  6. I'm just going to say, I might have made a comment like that to someone, but only because I wish I changed my house around more. I would have said it with envy, not contempt. Oops. Am I rude?