Monday, August 29, 2011

Even Deeper Thoughts (I'm on a roll)

I bet I can eat a Kit Kat (any size) faster than you.

A potato masher makes a great orange juice-stirrer. Sorry, Pampered Chef. You can keep your fancy pitcher-with-stirrer-in-the-lid contraption.

The house is so peaceful and calm when the children are downstairs watching Phineas and Ferb. Why would I disturb that peace?

Sometimes my baking sheets remind me of better days. Days when I baked.

Remember how I said I had this pregnancy style thing down? Well, scratch that from the record. I hate my clothes, my hair, my face.

I had an epiphany about dinner when I heard a really good dad say to his children: "what should we have for dinner? How 'bout baked potatoes?" You can do that? I thought. So now I just make chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream for dinner, cause it doesn't have to be so complicated.

I had another epiphany at church when a woman told us about praying to find something good at a yard sale. You can do that? I thought. This opens a whole new world of divinely inspired shopping for me.

Good neighbors bring you a plate of vegetables from their garden even though they are the ones who just had a baby and you haven't gotten around to doing anything for them yet.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, my days goes a lot better when I can talk to my husband at least twice, even if it costs $1.50 per minute because he's in China.

Shows that are instant mood-lifters: Arrested Development, the Office, and Project Runway.

I hated the book Atonement like Elaine Benes hated the movie "The English Patient."

I think someone should do a blog dedicated just to the outlandish things you can find on craigslist, particularly the craigslist for southeast Idaho.

Utah/Idaho Mormon stereotypes have never been, are not currently, and will never be appropriate, true, or funny. Come up with some new material, people from Oregon and California!

I love Provo in the fall. Rexburg in the fall is awesome, too, but Provo is the absolute best.

I'm tired of pretending to like summer and be bummed that it's ending. Here's the truth: I HATE heat, summer is fun for one month max, and I love it when things start to cool down. The first snow of the year is magical to me, and I love winter right up until March. There. I said it.


  1. I came across your blog by accident but I have read most of your posts now and I love !!!!
    You have made blogging very refreshing have gained a fan !!!!!

  2. You're too cool for those Mormon stereotypes...and baked potatoes.

    I have been shopping and going to yard sales all wrong. Clearly.

    Also, I was trying to find a food item that I could eat faster than you...but then remembered this wasn't a competition. I don't think.

    If it IS a competition, let me know so I can come up with an answer. I seem to eat popcorn faster than anyone should.

  3. I'm going to list my responses. Here goes:
    You are too cool for Mormon stereotypes.
    We always use Skype when the hubs is in China.
    Breakfast foods are our favorite dinner. Even better to make a triple batch of pancakes, freeze the leftovers, then pop in the microwave for a quick meal anytime you don't want to cook.
    I also love the Fall, but I dare say that there are many places that are gorgeous during that time. I've never been to Idaho so I don't know how it compares.
    I do agree that snow is magical. I am also fascinated by how interesting things look when encased in ice.

  4. We tried Skype but for a while the internet connection was so bad we couldn't get through, so Mike finally broke down and just called on the phone. Skype is great when it works, though.

  5. People from California are too distracted driving badly to come up with any new material. ZING!

    Yeah, I hate Atonement too.

  6. Oh, yeah, that shopping-praying thing totally works. Maybe I prayed the other day that I'd find cute, cheap missionary clothes (don't judge too much - stressed about money/looking cute on a mission) and I got a Sundance outlet dress for $20, marked down from $180. I mean, maybe it's made out of silk and dry-clean only, but I'm pretty positive it was divine providence that I found it. And, no, I am not going to bear testimony of this - except to you.