Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Also Thankful

I just read Kacy's gratitude post and it actually made me cry, nude fishnets (which are the best alternative to bare legs or white tights around), Clinique Happy, Ben's compliance, Sam's valor, and all. I loved it! I'm thankful for those things, too.

I'm thankful for friends who invite us over for Thanksgiving dinner and are thoughtful enough to ask what our stance on raisins is.

I'm thankful for all the people who have offered to come our house in the middle of the night if (I ever have this baby) even though they themselves have five children who need them.

I'm thankful for meat and cheese.

I'm thankful for people who give Hickory Farms beef sticks as a baby gift.

And I'm also thankful for midwives who make fun of hynpo-birthing and willingly induce you if you are ready to have a baby. Here's to you, midwife, and my scheduled induction at the hospital on Monday!


  1. I am also thankful for you and your always entertaining posts.

    As luck would have it I'll be in Utah on Monday. I could drive up and take pictures of the birth.