Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just So You Know

You know those "sing-a-ma-jigs" that are excessively creepy?
Those dolls that have old timey ouch-less ponytail holders (as seen in the photo on the lower right hand side) for lips?
The ones you squeeze and their mouths make this perfect circle and they sing in really creepy, high voices and somehow kids just can't get enough of them? So picture one of those, and then imagine this:

Wells was lying directly on top of one and his body weight made the mouth open and while it was open he spit up RIGHT INSIDE OF IT. So now when you squeeze it and its mouth opens and it sings in that hideous voice and its eyes stare unblinkingly at you, you also get to see some white chunky spit up inside.  It really adds to the overall effect of the sing-a-ma-jig's eeriness.  


  1. I've had some eery encounters with them too-mostly when the dog chews one rhythmically in the other room. I hate them but Mom buys them a dozen at a time. (To be fair, my kids ask for them.)

  2. I have never even heard of these but itl.