Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Cautionary Trip Down Memory Lane

I know Wells is only five months old and I feel like I have just barely come out of the woods as far as postpartum insanity is concerned, but lately I have had these little inklings--tuggings, if you will--about having another one. It's mainly because I dream of having a little girl named Ramona (in-laws, before you comment, please note that Ramona was my amazing grandmother's name). Ramona Louise?  How adorable is that?  (Louise Plummer is one of my top literary heroes.) But I suppose if my thoughts of having baby #5 were all about names,  I could just get a dog or start a doll collection and use up all the names I love that way. Maybe there's more to it? I'll have to sort through these feelings, but as I do, I'd better take a good look at my past pregnancies lest I forget what it's really like to be pregnant:

Remember how important it is to have a birth plan? Am I ready to go through all that again?

And then there's my pregnant style. (Or lack thereof.) Can I do this again??

How can I ever forget the mood swings and sickness during the first trimester?

And you know the minute I get pregnant I'll have to go live in Taiwan or China, since that has been the case in 2 out of my 4 pregnancies. Plus, I may resemble a beached whale.

I hope I never feel like this again. But alas, I probably will.

Shooh. I could go on. Apparently, I have blogged a lot about being pregnant. Maybe that is a sign that I am a pro and could have a fifth pregnancy in my sleep. I mean, the results of the 40 weeks of torture are well worth it, no?

I refuse to make a decision until Wells sleeps through the night and is one year old. So stay tuned.


  1. Maybe just get a doll... for now.

  2. I think about having another one every time I think of baby names. I thought baby #5 wasn't that big a deal. #6 was a killer, though.

  3. I had lunch with Dad yesterday and he told me that Wells is the cutest baby, ever. And I will just say in the words of Princess Leia, "You're our only hope." Pretty sure the rest of us are too old now. Or, get a doll...

  4. You are possibly still in the middle of postpartum insanity and just don't know it. Maybe that's where this is coming from. JK. Another Baby Paul would be awes. No rush though, hoss. I'll look forward to hearing your update on Thanksgiving 2012.

  5. Just so you know, I've spent the last hour reading through your blog while my kids watch PBS kids. Ruff Ruffman is almost over, so it's almost time to get back to work, but I just wanted to say thank you for the knowledge that I'm not the only one. Your blog is amazing! I wish I would have been reading it when you were my visiting teacher :)