Thursday, February 24, 2005

Desperate Times...

Last night I had my English 315 evening class. As usual, I was on campus an hour before, making copies, getting supplies, etc. I was running all over the place. And, let me tell you, my feet were gettin' HOT. I WAS wearing wool socks and knee-high leather boots underneath silk-lined wool pants. I kept thinking "Dang, my feet are hot! I don't think I can teach like this. I don't think I can stand another second of this! I'll just buy some new shoes at the bookstore--no. No, that is ridiculous. I can make it. I can't just go buy shoes...." So I tried to veer away from the shoe area of the bookstore, but my hot little feet just carried me there. So I bought some shoes. They are black flats with a bow on the toe. I might have purchased different ones, but my hot feet and legs were constricting my ability to concentrate. I just needed to get something FAST. So I bought them and returned to my office, where I peeled off the sweaty boots and socks, stuffed them in a bag under my desk, and left to teach.

I am sort of notorious for making these kinds of impulse purchases. I am just always so grateful for the proximity and lovely selection of the BYU bookstore. I don't know what I would do without it. On days when my hair is ugly, I buy a new bobble as a pick-me-up. On days when I hate my outfit, I just go get a new one! You'd be surprised by how many days I have that are like this.

Class went well, by the way, as a direct result of my cool feet.


  1. Good job. You are like Pedro, who got hot and went home and shaved his head.

    What is a bobble? And how long does your hair have to be to wear one? Please let me know ASAP, because I could really use a run over to the drugstore to pick one up RIGHT NOW. This morning, I had the brilliant idea that my hair might have more volume if I dried it before combing it. This did not work except for one particular section on the back/right side of my head where it looks frizzy and is sticking out. No amount of water or product could tame it after my dumb hairdrying decision. Maybe a bobble would do the job.

    By the way, as I wrote this, my co-worker said he was going across the street and could he pick me up anything---A bobble? I didn't dare ask.

  2. Carly I love your impulse purchase. I have the similar and terrible habbit. Last week I wore a turtle neck to school and while there, decided half-way through the day that it was too warm. I went to the bookstore and purchased a fabulous new Aggie "game day" shirt. And the day became more pleasent.

  3. Marcy, it is ppossible that she means:

    bau·ble (bô'bəl) pronunciation

    1. A small, showy ornament of little value; a trinket.

  4. I pretty much use ANY and ALL feelings I have as a reason for impulse shopping. It's a bit of a disease. But seriously... I have more clothes than some movies stars. It's sad. I'm in therapy. Don't judge.

  5. I guess I spelled "bauble" wrong. I am ashamed. No judgments from me, Sarah. I can't even spell. Shop on.

  6. Bravo on buying what you, ahem, need. That's like when I get really hungry and I'm going to be out for a while. I get into a panic that it's not good for the baby to be so hungry, that it's not going to grow today if I don't eat, and that I really need meat...that's when I go buy a Whopper.

  7. It's funny to me that the person who corrected "bobble"-->"bauble" posted as "anonymous." Nobody wants to be the grammar police.

    Spelling police, rather, I guess. Hm, that was embarrassing. Anyway, I'd like to say that impulse purchases are great, and also that the BYU Bookstore is great. I actually bought my wedding shoes there. And they were great.

    The B.B. is also a great resource for midday fudge. And candles. And birthday cards.

  8. The closest thing I have to the BYU bookstore in Oregon is a Target (sans the nifty LDS books and knick-knacks). And, oh, how I miss being able to buy $0.25 worth of chocolate-covered gummie bears between classes!

  9. I even complimented those new impulsive black-bowed shoes!

    I am also a notorious impulse shopper. Too many credits to list, but let's just say, it all came to a head when I was working next door to the Gateway Mall...tres dangereux...

    ...but I would never do something as crazy as shave my head if I got hot...that Pedro!