Tuesday, February 8, 2005

I'm Going Shopping

Have just had most humiliating day of teaching ever.

Couldn't get the TV/VCR/DVD to work, and wasted half an hour of class tinkering with it, while face got sweaty and red.

Finally made student go to his dorm and bring back his DVD player.

When DVD player came back, was so flustered in front of students that I couldn't find the menu button or get it to the right scene. At one point, I was trying to forward through the entire movie using the x2 button.

At one point I said "Thanks for your patience" to the class, and a girl muttered "well, what else would we do?" And I said "I heard that, and you all get F's."

To top it off, am wearing ugly outfit of odd-fitting pale yellow wrap-around cardigan, with grey t-shirt and grey skirt underneath. The cardigan makes my waist look like a big sausage bursting out of its skin.

And my lips hurt real bad. I called Mike to bring me some chapstick and all he could say was "doesn't the school nurse have a ton in her drawer?" But I'm not gonna use her's, you sicko!

And now I am here at my office and I should be grading and planning a lesson but what I think I will do instead is blog and IM Marcy Dibbleblotts.

Then I will go shopping and try to wipe this day off the record books (as Brad Pitt says in "A River Runs Through It.")

Then I will go home and wait on sick husband and needy three-year-old.


  1. Sorry about your bad day, and even sorrier that the system went down during our convo about said bad day. That's a "said" in honor of Mel B.
    Gosh! Why in the heck would you use her chap stick! Is Mike an idiot? Could you pull me into town on your way in for some shopping.

  2. If it helps, I was only feeling happy and thankful after I had a really GOOD day, not a really BAD day like your's. Funny, though...I volunteer to teach art to a 4th grade class at my daughter's school, and today I could NOT get the slide projector to work. I felt like such an idiot - I totally relate to your tv/dvd woes. I ended up putting the slides on the overhead projector...small, blurry, almost colorless images...Picasso must be turning over in his grave. At least the 4th graders didn't talk back to me.

    Hope tomorrow is better. Buy yourself a new outfit - it's a guarantee for a good day!

  3. I knew Icould count on my blog buddies to cheer me up.

  4. I work at the library, (sorry if you already knew that), and I get so nervous when people have problems with the copier or TV\DVD machines. It is so awkward; you'd think that I would know how to work this not-so-technical machines, but of course I do not. I offer a silent prayer everytime the copier beeps when someone uses it.

  5. Don't you just love when your audience mutters and thinks you can't hear them? I was horrible about that in high school/college, and I now realize, after teaching Mia Maids for several months, that every teacher I ever had probably heard everything I said under my breath. Way to go with your comeback.

    Also way to go with the shopping. Funny how much that helps. Really.

  6. Girl, I'm so sorry...that really does suck.

    And you really should've thrown something at that girl...SOMETHING! (That seems to be my answer for almost everything...scary.)

  7. Did you really call Mike for Chapstick™? How very Napoleon Dynamite of you… and for him to have you ask the school nurse? “As If”

  8. I'm sorry about your day. But more about that cheeky student. I think that remark should weigh heavily on her grade. These young kids today...