Sunday, July 9, 2006

Ten Things I Hate About Me

10. My disfigured feet, which are resulting in a major philosophical change re: shoes. For example, I have now succumbed to the comfort-over-style theory and am feeling ashamed of the $145 purchase I just made on a pair of Danskos. They are OK, but not the 3 inch stilettos I am accustomed to. For the first time in 5 years, I feel that Stacy and Clinton would be disappointed in my shoes. That is hard to swallow.

9. My inability to keep a budget. It seems that EVERYTHING becomes an exception to the budget. "Wendy's? Well, we're out of money for the week, but this is a special occasion...."

8. The fact that I spent a whole night watching TV and eating popcorn, chocolate, and coke (not even diet) while Mike and Holden were off having an exciting camping adventure.

7. The fact that one of my students said I seemed to be stuck "in a shell." I guess I do have a teaching persona that is slightly different from my own. But, honestly, do they WANT to know me? Would they accept my blog? I don't think so.

6. My "flying eraser" antics in class the other day (when I was erasing the board, I spazzed out and the eraser went flying onto the desk. One of my students told me it was a good thing I was wearing white. It was bad. Bad. Bad. I am a spazz).

5. The fact that I suggested a student lead the class in a rendition of "head, shoulders, knees, and toes." For the record, I WAS kidding. But the student didn't think so, and stood up to get everyone going. The whole class just stared. Then I was all "it's ok, you guys don't really have to. The only person who will humiliate themselves in class this term is ME!" (said JUST after flying eraser trick). And they think I hide behind a shell!

4. The fact that I allowed myself to indulge in an entire episode of "Cheaters" on the WB. This is the clever show in which a private investigator is hired to follow unfaithful men and women and catch them cheating on their significant others. There is a big confrontation at the end. Why is this on TV? I guess for the same reason "Blind Date" is on TV. Oh, yeah, and I watched an entire episode of "Blind Date" too. What is wrong with me???? Somebody take the TV away!

3. My hair.

2. My inability to connect over-eating with weight-gaining.

1. My compulsion to buy In Style or US magazines. They are SOO stupid! The covers seem to promise so much information, but the content always disappoints. Why do I keep buying? Because this one time might be different....


  1. I think you got the title wrong...It should read, "Ten Things I Love About You!"

    You're the best!

  2. Lindy and I have watched Cheaters too. You may be surprised at what you find yourself watching if you really do get rid of cable. We have 37 taped episodes of "King of Queens" and one Shakira video ("Hips Don't Lie").

    P.S. Your hair looks awes.

  3. Wait--overeating and weight gain are connected?

  4. I'm so glad you are my sister. Welcome to my world of comfortable shoes. :)

  5. I respectfully disagree with this post. You should title it (along with Mike's very appropriate alternate title) "Ten Things That Make Me Human and Likeable".

    Thank you.

  6. Cheaters? Is that a new show? Maybe we don't get it here. Probably not, since this area is near the top of the list when it comes to cities that lack morality so much so, that a show like that is "everyday-run-of-the-mill". I keep myself amused with a bucket of Popeyes and COPS. Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do....

  7. What's wrong with your budgeting? That's how we do it too. Isn't the old addage "spend just a little more than you earn"?

  8. I WOULD buy People, but it's too expensive! I am always seduced by the unbelievable price of the lesser magazines--just $1.99!

  9. Send me your address I am sending you a People... You'll never be the same... oh the sea of knowledge that awaits you.

  10. According to Merlin Mann (, there are five other things that Shakira's hips won't do (re: marcy dibbleblotts' comment above). They are:
    1. poach eggs
    2. long division
    3. tap your phone
    4. moblog
    5. take no mess

  11. Alice, you are too kind to me.

    Scott, I never knew Shakira's hips were so limited!

  12. I don't hate any of these things about you--I love them. In fact, I love your hair! I love your tenderness!!! I love your pants!

  13. I can relate to the hair, overeating/weight gain, and magazine addiction. I knew you fit into our family!