Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm Not Really Crying, It's Just Been Raining....On My Face.

1. Holden started Kindergarten with nary a skinny jean in sight. Observe:

Notice his personalized bag. Nobody's gonna be messin' with that bag. Holden wore his hat in the car, but took it off right before entering the school. When school ended and he got back in the car, the hat went back on his head. He came home, ran upstairs and changed, and did this for the rest of the day:

2. While Holden did that, Hazel did this:

and this:

And I contemplated the size of my arms in this photo:

Aye carrumba!

3. Our stuff arrived from Tucson and I felt sad about all the scratches and dents on our crappy, pressed board furniture. The nicest thing we own--a second-hand dresser from Ikea--may be beyond repair.

4. While I helped unload the moving truck, I was sweating like a man, which isn't such a swell idea if you have several layers of makeup on.

5. After searching through our boxes, I still can't find my red chenille bathrobe from the Gap. I need that robe.

6. Today, after telling me that "technology these days is pretty powerful," Holden threw a fit because I practically FORCED him to eat pepperoni pizza and root beer. I am such a mean mom.

7. Despite all these ups and downs, I am happy. And you know why? Because I finally watched Flight of the Conchords and it rules.


  1. Might I recommend a first-hand dresser from the Draper Ikea?

  2. Sounds like a pretty average day in the life of a mom! Things can be so crazy. I'm sorry to hear about your furniture. That is really a bummer. We treasure our 3rd hand furniture, and believe me, they don't need any more scratches or dings.

  3. Believe me, my eyes are just sweaty today.

  4. You are looking really good, Carly.

  5. I was going to ask you if the title was from flight of the conchords....they are really funny, aren't they? I've only seen some of the songs so far, no complete shows, but we're working on that.

    Glad Holden made it to school in the baggy pants. that's a good thing. Max got to go to school the other day in no pants at all--that was a thrill. It would be a lot more embarrassing to do to a 5 yr old than a 3 yr old. He might never eat your root beer and pizza again--I wish my mom was around to force me to eat root beer and pepperoni. Yum

  6. Holden totally looks like Mike in that pic.

  7. Hazel totally looks like Carly in that picture.

  8. Didn't school start on the 20th? Is a jacket really justified?

    You are doing crazy stuff to all my assumptions about the current state of Provo.

  9. Smash,
    I can understand your misconception about how I am looking. If your only prior knowledge of my appearance was high school, then of course I would look good now. But, by current standards....yikes.

    Holden likes to shake things up by wearing seasonally inappropriate clothing. He took the sweatshirt off the minute he got into his classroom.

  10. Love the hair and your arms look great to me. Doesn't Holden like pizza and root beer? I think that's the one thing I've never had to force my kids to eat!