Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm Sad

Mike left today to go to Tucson for a week in order to pack up our house and move us away from Starfall Place, our wonderful neighbors, ugly wallpaper, Basha's, and everything else that I held dear for the past two years (Kwik Mart, anyone?) I should be happy to be moving on, but I'm not. I wasn't ready and I need closure. I need to hug our cactus and say goodbye properly.

Another reason why I am sad is that I have to give a talk on Sunday. They called me late Wednesday night. Correction: they called Mike, and he idiotically said that HE'D be out of town. HE'D be out of town. Would it have been so hard to have said WE'D be out of town?!!!! I mean, it's one letter off. So now I am talking in church, which is really one of my least favorite things on earth to do. Additionally, I haven't GIVEN a talk in church since 2003.

I'm also sad because I can't seem to find Mayan Chocolate Haagen-Dazs ANYWHERE. Is it discontinued? Was it a limited edition flavor that they dangled in front of us only to snatch it away at the last minute, like so much Hershey's Cookies 'n' Mint? Where is the justice?

Finally, I am sad because I want to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the movie theater (again) and now that Mike is gone, there's nobody to come with me.

I think that, given a healthy dose of perspective, my readers will see that my predicament is truly disturbing and very, very, very sad.


  1. Hang tough, Hoss! I can't believe you're speaking in church. Don't they know you're just a visitor in the ward?

    Marcy needs a Harry Potter partner, too. Maybe you can coordinate and watch it together on the phone, a la When Harry Met Sally.

    I'll check to see if Mayan Chocolate is still available out here. Not sure if it'll be much consolation either way, though.

  2. I understand about being able to say goodbye. Remember when the lady checking us out of the little blue house thought we were crazy because we were crying and hugging our beds? I hope you can find some Mayan Chocolate to heal your sadness.

  3. I just had a pint of Mayan Chocolate a few weeks ago... it was at the convenience store in the North Rim Grand Canyon campground. That's only an 8 hour drive from you. You could even sit and eat it overlooking the canyon.

    Though, that was in June. How did it get to be August?

  4. Sarah,
    As you know, an 8 hour drive is WORTH a pint o' Mayan Chocolate. Thanks for the tip. I have to admit that my search in Utah Valley has not been exhaustive. So far, Reams and Walgreens in Springville are the only places I've tried. I saw your blog and your kids are sooo cute! Email me your new address so I can be updated on your life.

  5. Emily,
    This is so exciting!!! I'm sorry I dropped the ball on the Ikea thing. We should totally get together.