Monday, August 18, 2008

This May Shock You

Maybe it's the fact that I am about to be 30 in just a few weeks (HINT, HINT). Maybe it's just that I live in Rexburg now. I don't know what. But here are some recent developments that may shock you:

1. I like ordering salads at McDonald's and Wendy's..........SALADS.

2. I sort of think Bono is a nerd. Like when he says "once, doce, tres, catorce .....turn it up, captain!" at the beginning of Vertigo, it sort of reminds me of something I would have recorded myself doing at the height of my nerdhood, i.e., in seventh grade. This makes me embarrassed for Bono.

3. Suddenly all first time moms seem REALLY, REALLY YOUNG. Like, TEENAGERS. The babies are suddenly having babies. Is this because I am old now? (P.S., they are also all very thin. blonde, and well-groomed for having just given birth).

4. The other day in a conversation with a dear friend, I referred to Britney Spears' music as "new." Not only am I NOT aware of any COOL new music, but I am also painfully unaware of any STUPID new music. Help.

I don't know who I am anymore.


  1. Welcome to 3 kids and 3-0h. You get used to it.

  2. The hot new music around here is all Coldplay, and a few from Snow Patrol and Postal Service. I have teenagers to keep me straight, so the grey-hairs here are keeping up on a few things! Don't feel bad, I am now in the "old faithfuls" category at church, and can be counted on to clean gross houses, cook food for others 24/7, and other such Senior RS duties. Don't feel bad!

  3. Hoss, I don't know who you are anymore either. SALADS?

  4. Carly, really girl, you let me down! I know there was that little gaff about Brittney, but I had sort of thought of YOU as a resource for all that is current, hip and young. How old does that make me?

  5. We need to get together, we are only a few miles away.

  6. Wait, the height of your nerdhood was in 7th grade? I have hours and hours of video tape that say differently!

    And, two words: White Stripes. You've got the gift. Never doubt it.

  7. Oh boy. A moment of silence...Yes. You are a busy mother of three, approaching the age when you have to eat salads just because if you don't your metabolism won't provide the forgiveness to your figure it used to. Granted I haven't seen you in over a year so I'm sure you look great. However, I have not been so fortunate as to stay thin despite what I eat since I hit my 30's. It sucks.

    I'm glad you said something about Bono. I was afraid to for fear of offending you. There is a lot of great music out there. Have you tried It's a great music resource for discovering what's out there. A few suggestions: Feist, Imogean Heap (lead singer for Frou Frou - also great), and Keane. That should get you started.

    Did you get that package I sent? I decided to send it to your new address. I hope I got it right.

  8. Seriously, don't you think that being skinny and well-groomed are over rated?? And by "salad" I know you really mean Big Mac--you don't fool me sista!!

  9. Frozen Cacti,
    I DID get the package just today, and thank you so much! I don't think it's too cutesy at all. Ruby's little pudgy wrist looks so cute with it on. I will take a picture.
    I guess what I meant was a salad with a side order of burger and fries.....

  10. Embrace 30! I'm having way more fun being 30 thatn I ever did in my twenties. Okay, so I've only been 30 for, like, 4 months...but whatever.

    I agree with Robyn, WHITE STRIPES. The love you have for them...well, I think you're cool.

  11. Don't feel too bad, at least you still listen to music. I didn't know U2 was still producing new music. I hate to admit it, but I've pretty much given up on music and have gone to talk radio, I try to justify it by telling myself that it's my only source of news. I knew all coolness was over for me when I was still in Tucson, driving to work in my minivan, drinking my can of caffein-free coke and listening to talk radio. It was pretty sad.

    When is your birthday anyway, I'm turning 30 soon too.