Monday, September 28, 2009

I Got Soul But I'm Not A Soldier

Well, the Killers concert last weekend in SLC was completely wonderful. I loved their music before, but now I am a hard-core fan. Did you know the lead singer (Brandon Flowers) is originally from Utah? And was a Mormon, and then wasn't really one, but now is kind of trying to be one again, since he had a baby? I heard that somewhere. Here were some of my thoughts during the concert:

1. The opening band was mariachi. That's cool. I can dig that. It's something new and different, a musical exploration. I liked them until the singer kept swearing and saying the F word. I mean, hello? Does he not know his audience? Plus, he was a total bad-A, and had a real inferiority complex, at one point saying "you got a problem, buddy? Hey, it takes a lot of guts to come up here and play mariachi music in front of all these people!" Hmmmm.....A bad-A mariachi band full of white dudes from LA? Now I've seen everything!

2. I expected Brandon Flowers (whom I had not really seen a lot of photos of prior to the concert) to be....less.....theatrical. Let me put it that way. I also expected him to have long hair. I also did not expect him to wear what may have been spandex jeans, if that is even a possible combination. So, that was a real surprise. But I still loved him, because how could I not?

(photo from the Killers' homepage).

3. I had a total crush on the guitarist (Dave Keuning). He was the quintessential shy genius behind the band. He was Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Killer Kane, and the Edge all rolled into one tall, long-fluffy-haired drink of water. At one point, Brandon (who is the quintessential charismatic front man--Bono, David Lee Roth, Micheal Stipe,and David Johansen all rolled into one thin, wiry, ball of raw energy) actually pushed Dave out to the front of the stage, both of them laughing because Dave is really just so shy and uncomfortable in the spotlight. It was a sweet moment.

(photo comes from the Killers' homepage)

4. While I appreciated the homage to U2, I didn't feel that they could pull off a segue from "Smile Like You Mean It" into "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" ala Bono and the Edge. Nice try, though. I feel where you are coming from on that one. Maybe next time?

5. This was like the best show I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot because I have seen U2 four times (not to mention Beck, Bob Dylan twice, Robert Plant twice, Indigo Girls twice, etc.). But the difference here is that the venue was smaller, and the Killers were more accessible, and every second of the show (besides the ill-advised "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" moment) was 100% energetic, loud, fast, and crazy. It was just so good. The show included, but was not limited to, fireworks, explosions, confetti sprayed into the audience, strobe lights, a large "K" hooked onto a piano that lit up (very 80s retro), smoke, synthesizers (very 80s retro), and zebra print.

6. It was super hot in the arena.

7. I worried that our balcony was going to break from all the dancing and bouncing up and down. I really was worried, which I think must be a sign of my old age.

8. I wished that I had dressed more like the teenagers who attended the concert, but I simply cannot pull off skinny jeans, over-sized striped tunics, pink streaked hair, and ballet flats. Luckily the people we sat by were at least our age or older, so I wasn't too embarrassed by my lack of coolness (gray khakis, argyle socks, and sneakers, for comfort).

9. There was an old guy on the very front row acting like a love-sick girl. It was both bizarre and sad to me.

10. We saw an accident in the parking lot afterward.Some long-bearded dude in a truck got all flustered and backed right over the bumper of some pretty boy's nondescript sedan. It was both funny and strange to me.

11. I was very intrigued by the music they played while we waited for the show. I think this play list says a lot about the band. And I am baffled by what this may mean: the "Night Court" theme song! And "Let's Hear it for the Boy"? There were the usual things you might expect, like the Traveling Wilburys and the Cure etc, but I was taken aback by that "Night Court" thing. What up with that? I can only assume that they either a) have a great sense of irony, b) watched the episode of 30 Rock in which part of the cast of "Night Court" reunites, or c) did not know what the song was when it came up on a list after they searched for 80s music. What could it be?

So, to review: the Killers are really really really great. The arena was too hot, "Night Court" theme song, and I am probably getting too old to go to concerts, but that won't stop me. I still want to see Jack White perform, and then I can die.


  1. I've not seen the Killers live, but I am a huge fan. They were here a few weeks ago, so I think I've missed my chance for this year.

  2. Carley! It's Mary Shurtz, Kristen's 'lil sis. I have an office job that is frequently lacking in projects, and Kristen told me to look you up to fill in some free time. May I say? Brilliant. And we're possibly soul mates. I'll let you make the final call on that one, but I would like to submit the theory for review. Also, I was at that Killers concert, and it was legendary! I loved how their production choices made me feel like I was at a show at the Palm in Vegas. And Brandon Flowers is a wind-up toy on uppers that I couldn't help adoring. But my favorite was the drummer, you could tell he would have that much energy even if there was no one in the room, he was just doing what he loves. I promise I will never leave a post this long again.

  3. Sounds awesome. I'm jealous. Thanks for filling us in on the concert; now I'll fill you in on what you missed: They changed the name of Enrichment from Enrichment to nothing.

  4. His son is named Ammon: recommitted? I don't know. But I like.

  5. Cereal? Night Court? I feel young all over again. Thanks for the re-cap of the concert since I really haven't talked to you since then. Thank you for being young for both of us!

  6. I love the Killers too. I've met the drummer before, and my sister knows all of them.